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Our Work

These are some of our recent and most exciting projects. Each system has been built to last for generations to come.

Autonomous Kiosk

Our client wanted us to automate a kiosk that would autonomously cook food in front of the customer. To bring this idea to fruition, we wrote software for a Unitronix PLC and a 7-segment robotic arm, then established a 2-way TCP/IP communication between the two. This allowed us to have precise and reliable control over the cooking process. We are currently working on improving the model to bring this kiosk to a commercial stage.


Cartridge Filtration System

Our client built the hardware for a regenerative  cartridge air filter that cleans itself using high pressure air impulses. The setup requires a PLC that drives the short-impulse air valves and the VFD that operates the fan. The entire process is controlled via an HMI. We are currently working on automating the process. 

Mercedes Benz Ventilation

Back in 2019, our client was constructing a ventilation system for a boiler room in a Mercedes Benz factory. We were asked to set up PID control of their dampers and fans to establish a constant temperature in the room.  


Powder-Paint Room


Our client was designing an industrial powder-paint coating room and needed us to automate the process. For the paint to properly cure, the room needs to be heated and kept at a set humidity level. Our PLC was in charge of ensuring smooth operation in two adjacent paint rooms. Due to the explosive nature of powder paints, we built the system to be fully self checking and to alarm the user of any errors through an HMI screen.

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