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Industrial automation built to last

We are a San Diego-based industrial automation company. Flo provides reliable automation solutions for a wide range of industrial processes.

Our Services

Our Services

In general, our systems incorporate three main components. Each process is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller), which usually serves as the mastermind of the operation. In addition to various moving parts driven by the PLC, Robotic Arms help streamline repetitive tasks with high precision. Lastly, you can access your custom system from anywhere in the world, thanks to cloud connectivity.

Cloud connectivity

In the world of IoT, cloud connectivity is a requirement. We ensure that you can access all of your processes from anywhere in the world through a personal portal.

Robotic Process

Collaborative Robots increase productivity by precisely repeating their tasks at speeds unachievable by humans. We install and program the robots to fit your custom production needs.

PLC & HMI programming

A PLC is the core controller of any system. An HMI panel is where humans interact with the automated system. To provide the best experience, we ensure that our UI design is well thought through.


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